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Death toll in Philippine typhoon climbs to 208, 52 missing******

The death toll from Typhoon Rai that lashed the Philippines last week has climbed to 208, a spokesperson for the police said on Monday, adding that 52 more remain missing.。

However, Philippine National Police spokesperson Colonel Roderick Alba only provided details of the reported 29 deaths caused by Typhoon Rai, the 15th and the most destructive typhoon to hit the Southeast Asian country this year.。

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) reported only 58 deaths on Monday. Only four of the 58 are confirmed. The agency also reported that 18 people were missing.。

Bohol in the central Philippines is one of the hardest-hit by Typhoon Rai. Bohol Governor Arthur Yap said on Monday that 94 people died in his province alone, while at least 18 more are missing.。

The NDRRMC said close to 1 million people have been affected by the typhoon, including 442,424 displaced residents.。

The NDRRMC said the initial estimate of damage to agriculture is 118.28 million pesos (2.4 million US dollars) and 225.17 million pesos (roughly 4.5 million US dollars) worth of infrastructure.。

On Thursday afternoon, the typhoon first slammed into Siargao Island, off the eastern coast on Mindanao island in the southern Philippines.。

Rai lashed the Philippines for three days, causing flooding and landslides and leaving a trail of destruction in the central and southern Philippines region, including some areas in the main Luzon island.。

"We are still assessing the damage, but it is huge. The typhoon leveled the entire community to the ground, no electricity, water, and food," said Defense Secretary and NDRRMC Chairman Delfin Lorenzana.。

He said the government is now addressing the food, water, and medical care of those injured.。

"I have directed the armed forces to deploy all available assets such as ships, boats, aircraft, and trucks to bring relief goods to the stricken areas and the deployment of troops if necessary," Lorenzana said.。

Meanwhile, NDRRMC spokesperson Mark Timbal said 29 foreign nationals have been evacuated from Siargao Island, famous for surfing. "The tourists have been identified, and they are in good condition," he added.。














该通告自2022年3月22日起执行。此前各区县、开发区已发布的通告与本通告不一致的,以此通告为准。 华商报记者 肖琳










4.经开区凤城一路利君V时代小区A、B座 华商报记者 肖琳



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Across China: African student falls in love with China's tai chi******

SHIJIAZHUANG, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Practising a set of gentle tai chi moves, Khamisi Ally Abdi feels his body warming against the morning chill.。

The 25-year-old African student in Cangzhou Technical College, north China's Hebei Province, has practiced tai chi for two years. He is now a huge fan of the slow-speed martial art.。

Having worshipped kung fu stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen as a child, the Tanzanian understood Chinese kung fu to be a fast-paced attack and defense art before he arrived in China.。

"Tai chi is different from the Chinese martial arts that I knew. It is slow. But as I practice it, I have realized that the slow motions are far from being simple," Abdi said.。

The school provides a tai chi course for all foreign students. Abdi has already learned to practice tai chi moves with balance and deep rhythmic breathing, which allows him to feel the charm of the exercise. It brings peace and calmness to his mind, while building and toning his muscles.。

Ma Congying, deputy director of the International Exchange Center of the college, said the college has enrolled more than 300 international students from more than 50 countries since 2016, mainly countries along "the Belt and Road."

In the tai chi course, Abdi met a lot of kung fu lovers from African and Asian countries.。

With rich historical resources of martial arts, Cangzhou was named the "Hometown of Martial Arts" by the sports authorities in 1992.。

"It was my parents' wish for me to study international trade to better prepare me for job opportunities in the booming trade between China and Tanzania. But it is my own dream to chase the Chinese martial arts," said Abdi.。

Practicing tai chi has led him to acquire a comprehensive appreciation of this Chinese culture and ideology. He now prefers people call him by his Chinese name Chen Yanzhi, as the characters of Yanzhi carry the meaning of talented and virtuous.。

"Tai chi movements are tranquil and quiet but full of power. It has inspired my understanding of China, which has the same temperament. My mother has felt the same way after she visited me here," Abdi said.。

He said his Rwandan classmate likes to post videos of them practicing tai chi on social media, and another Cameroonian classmate has learned from tai chi how to improve his boxing skills.。

"When I return home, I will use my Chinese name to teach tai chi in my country, so that more people can benefit from this magical kung fu," said Abdi. Enditem。



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