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Virtual tourism event promotes China's Huangshan among New Yorkers******

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- China's Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., a tour operator of tourism destination Mount Huangshan, held an online event to promote local culture and tourism among New Yorkers on Friday evening.。

Organizers invited New Yorkers and other Americans to visit Mount Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, a UNESCO world heritage site located in Huangshan City in east China's Anhui Province.。

More than 100 people joined in the event via Zoom link, while the promotion event was also live streamed on Facebook.。

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented difficulties to cultural and tourism exchanges between China and the United States, it can't stop peoples' aspirations for a happy life and their zeal to understand each other better via tourism, said China's Consul General in New York, Huang Ping.。

The event is the first tourism promotion event of its kind since the outbreak of COVID-19 and marks the recovery of tourism and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries, Huang said.。

"We value initiatives that promote tourism, travel, and culture between New York and other nations, which is important to rebuilding and reopening our economy in the post-pandemic era," said New York State Governor Kathy Hochul in a letter written on the occasion of the event.。

The dialogue among representatives of the travel and tourism industries from New York and Huangshan can open networks of communication and progress and "I look forward to continuing to strengthen our culture, social, and economic ties in the future," Hochul said.。

The efforts to promote international trade and tourism between New York City and China are appreciated, said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in a letter presented at the event.。

Peter Koo, a member of the New York City Council and a Chinese American, encouraged people in the United States to visit Huangshan when they have the opportunity or as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is over.。

Huangshan City welcomed nearly 3 million overseas tourists or visits in 2019, including over 150,000 ones from the United States, said Sun Yong, mayor of Huangshan City.。

Inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List in 1990, Mount Huangshan has formed cooperation or amicable relations with peers all over the world, including Yosemite National Park in the U.S. state of California. Enditem。

World champion Sui/Han to lead China's figure skating in Beijing 2022******

BEIJING, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Two-time world champions Sui Wenjing and Han Cong were confirmed on Saturday to represent China in the pairs figure skating event at the 2022 Winter Olympics.。

Sui/Han will be joined by two-time Four Continents medallists Peng Cheng and Jin Yang in the pairs competition, while Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu will battle for a medal for the host nation in the ice dance.。

China's roster for the men's and women's singles will be decided after the five trials slated between December 16 and January 22, 2022, according to a statement published by China's Winter Sports Management Center.。

Two-time world bronze medalist Jin Boyang, veteran Yan Han and Chen Yudong are the candidates for the men's quota, while Chen Hongyi and the naturalized skaters Zhu Yi and Ashley Lin will vie for the ladies' slot.。

In the six legs of the 2021 Figure Skating Grand Prix Series, Sui/Han claimed two trophies, while Peng/Jin bagged one silver medal and Wang/Liu placed fourth in the ISU Italian Grand Prix. Enditem。

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Economic Watch: BRI enhances innovation, sustainability, bolsters global recovery******

BEIJING, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has evolved into a beacon of economic growth for participating countries with more emphasis on innovation and sustainability, injecting much-needed impetus into global recovery.。

In the eyes of Han Wenxiu, a senior official with the Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs, the BRI, proposed by China eight years ago, has been increasingly oriented toward achieving innovative and sustainable growth.。

"Together with the international community, we help low-income countries address their debt issues and have made the most contributions to the G20 Debt Services Suspension Initiative and debt extension," he said.。

To ensure debt sustainability, China has launched a Debt Sustainability Framework for participating countries to optimize the policy system for risk prevention and control and improve the quality and efficiency of investment.。

Jin Liqun, president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, also noted that investment has been stepped up in the new energy sector with cooperation between China and BRI countries further enhanced.。

This is conducive to the economic transformation and growth in participating countries, Jin said.。

Calling the initiative a popular public platform for international cooperation, Han listed a number of mega projects such as the China-Laos railway and Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway that have brought substantial benefits to local people.。

By 2020, China's trade with BRI partner countries exceeded 9.2 trillion U.S. dollars, and China's aggregated direct investment in these countries reached nearly 140 billion dollars.。

Emerging sectors such as the digital economy have also been a key area for cooperation, Han said, adding that by stepping up cooperation in innovation, China has shared the fruits of the new round of technological revolution and industrial reform with its BRI partners.。

Sustainable development, which is seen as key to post-pandemic recovery and long-term economic growth, is also reflected in the BRI cooperation in sectors including health and poverty alleviation.。

Since 2020, the epidemic-prevention materials transported via China-Europe freight train services have reached more than 13 million pieces, and the COVID-19 vaccines provided by China to more than 110 countries in the world have exceeded 1.7 billion doses.。

"The joint construction of the Belt and Road contributed significantly to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic," Han said.。

A recent World Bank report focusing on 71 economies geographically located along BRI corridors, noted that the BRI projects could help lift 7.6 million people out of extreme poverty and 32 million people out of moderate poverty globally. Enditem。

DPRK confirms test******

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) test-fired two tactical guided missiles on Monday to verify the accuracy of the weapon system under production, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Tuesday.。

"The two tactical guided missiles launched in the western area of DPRK precisely hit an island target in the East Sea of Korea," the report said.。

The test-fire was conducted under a plan of the Academy of Defence Science, the Second Economy Commission and other institutions concerned, it said, adding that the Academy of Defence Science confirmed the accuracy, security and efficiency of the operation of the weapon system concerned, the KCNA added.。

Ealier this month, the DPRK conducted three missile tests, including a hypersonic missile on January 5 and January 11 respectively, and two railway-borne short-range ballistic missiles on January 14.。

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